For small and large businesses, providing quality health insurance and health care for your employees is a costly and complicated proposition. With federal mandates and regulations always changing and uncertain, navigating a cost-effective solution is difficult. Even for small businesses who are not required to provide insurance for their employees, the cost of ineffective and inefficient health care is still felt through absenteeism and reduced productivity.

How can Cannon Family Practice and the Direct Primary Care model help?

Direct Primary Care can provide substantial savings for employers in managing overall health benefit expenses. Because we include the most used services for the majority of employees for one low monthly cost, it allows employers to provide a high-deductible health plan with an HSA option that is less costly than a standard plan. It reduces out of pocket costs for employees and their families, so they won’t avoid seeking the care they need but can’t afford. It results in fewer insurance claims, which can mean cheaper rates.
When your employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive.

  • Missing work for illness
  • Missing work for medical appointments
  • Reduced productivity while at work due to illness or injury
All of these come with a cost to your business.

By offering care outside of normal work hours, telemedicine for minor illnesses or injuries, and spending time during appointments to ensure high quality and complete care, Cannon Family Practice can improve your productivity and reduce absenteeism and ensure you have happier, healthier employees.

Care at Cannon Family Practice is not only high quality but is convenient for your employees and for you as an employer.
  • Care outside normal work hours
  • Care by phone, email, text message, or video chat for minor illnesses
  • Care can even be provided right in your office (if approved by you)
Happy employees are good employees. And employees love when their employer cares about them as a person, and provides options to promote their well-being.

Happy employees also spread the word that you are a quality employer that is invested in their employees for the long term. They become not just a person filling a job, but an employee committed to the company and its mission, and an employee that is less likely to leave for another opportunity.

Below are links to articles about Direct Primary Care and how it can affect your business, as well as how it can be incorporated into your benefit package.

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Per Month Per Employee*With 5 or more employees

  • The cost of membership, labs, and medication can be paid for by the employee through payroll deduction, or costs can be split between the employer and employee, or covered as a whole by the employer.

Have questions? Interested in what Cannon Family Practice has to offer? Please contact us to arrange a meeting, in person or by phone, so we can partner with you for the health of your employees!