Cost Savings Example

A great example of the cost savings Direct Primary Care can provide, even if you have good insurance!

4 suspicious moles for biopsy
Cannon Family Practice:
Office visit: $0
Skin Biopsy Procedure x 4: $35
Surgical Pathology x 4: $256 (charged by lab)
Total: Charged: $291/Paid $291 out of pocket

Traditional Practice with insurance:
Office visit: $125 ($96 out of pocket)
Skin Biopsy Procedure x 4: $1080 charged ($676 out of pocket)
Surgical Pathology x 4: $332 ($187 out of pocket)
Total: Charged: $1537/Paid: $959 out of pocket

Coming May 1st!

We are excited to announce that on May 1st we will begin seeing patients on a house call only basis! This means we bring the care you need directly to you, in the comfort of your own home. We can still provide all of the same primary care and urgent care services possible in a clinic, but with the added convenience of a house call.

We are proud to serve Woodbury and all of Cannon County, as well as Murfreesboro, Smithville, McMinnville, and Manchester. Enrollment is simple at our website,

We are excited to begin this journey with you and look forward to serving you and our community!