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We are a Direct Primary Care practice, proudly serving the Woodbury, Murfreesboro, Smithville, McMinnville, Manchester, and surrounding areas. We bring comprehensive primary care and urgent care services to you. We want your healthcare to be high quality, affordable, easy, and enjoyable.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is one answer to the high cost of medical care and health insurance today. People are paying high prices for health insurance, and then have extremely high deductibles that they will never meet, unless something very bad happens. The prices doctors charge are generally set by the insurance companies, and these are usually inflated significantly.
The result: people are paying for health insurance that doesn't pay for any of their care, and makes the care they pay for out-of-pocket more expensive.

In addition, the medication or treatment your doctor orders as the best choice for you, is often not covered by insurance. So the insurance company is deciding your treatment, rather than your doctor. Doctors and nurse practitioners are bogged down by unnecessary paperwork and administrative tasks, and are spending less and less time treating their patients. As doctors and nurse practitioners who care about our patients, we want to remedy this situation.

A primary care provider can manage 80%-90% of health care for most people. This is the area we can make the greatest impact. If we can provide primary care affordably, while making it more convenient and higher quality, then why wouldn't we do this for our patients? This is how Direct Primary Care was born.

While saving our patients money on their health care, we are able to bring back the personal relationship you have with your primary care provider. Who wouldn't want to be cared for by a person they know and trust, rather than whoever is on duty that day. Waiting, one of the most frustrating aspects of going to the doctor, is nearly eliminated. All costs are known up front, rather than a surprise bill. You aren't rushed through your visit in 5 minutes, but can make sure all of your concerns are addressed and questions answered. Labs and medications are offered at huge discounts. You can reach your provider with questions or concerns anytime, by text, email or phone. We even do house calls and after hours appointments.

To put it simply, we want to make health care higher quality, more convenient, and more personalized, while still making it more affordable.

Why Direct Primary Care?

Simply: Better Quality Care, More Convenient Care, and Lower Cost


See what makes us different, and why we feel you will love our practice as much as we do.


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